Three Ways to Use a Standing Mat

Standing mats are awesome for helping you to avoid feelings of fatigue in your legs and feet. And they’re not just for the office! Here are three ways that you can use a standing mat to help feel great throughout the day. 1. Standing Mat for Your Office I’ll start with the obvious: standing mats are […]

How Do Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats Work?

Working at a standing desk has many benefits, especially when compared to sitting at a desk all day. Our bodies are not meant to be tucked at 90 degree angles in chairs for 8+ hours a day. Compared to sitting, working at a standing desk engages your muscles and gets your blood flowing. Standing is a great alternative to sitting, […]

5 Tips for Staying Active During a Road Trip

We all laughed when we saw Fred Flintstone getting into his car in Bedrock, hoisting the car up with his hands, and using his feet to keep the car moving. In case you forgot, here’s a reminder!    We laugh, but maybe Fred Flintstone was onto something! Working at a company that sells treadmill desks and […]

What Office Furniture Can Learn From ZipCar

A transportation revolution is underway, and you might have noticed the changes. The number of choices for how we get from one place to another is rising. In cities across the country, transportation choices now include driving a car, biking, taking a bus, using a shared car service, calling an Uber car, using the subway, and renting a shared […]

Benefits of Using a Treadmill Desk According to Rebel Desk Customers

Many studies have discussed the benefits of using a treadmill desk, and we’ve referenced lots of them in our blog and website. But reading the results of a study is never the same as hearing from people directly. We regularly follow up with customers to see what they love about their treadmill desk. In honor […]

3 Popular Tasks to do at a Walking Desk

Most people using walking desks do not walk for the entire day. While the ultra-walking desk user does exist, it’s more likely that folks are walking for 2-3 hours each day. For others, they may have a 30-minute window to use a shared walking desk as many offices purchase a few walking desks to share. The walking […]

Prolonged Sitting Cancels Out Exercise Benefits

A new study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings has some bad news for the active couch potato. Active couch potato is a term being used to describe people who exercise regularly but are sedentary when they are not exercising. It turns out, that for every two hours of sitting, you cancel the cardiorespiratory fitness […]

5 Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Work-related stress is exhausting. Not only can it cause anxiety, illness, and the occasional talking in your sleep, it can be a barrier to enjoying your job. We put together some tips on managing stress at work so you enjoy your job more and feel better when you step away from your desk. 1. Breath - […]

Can Standing Desks Make For Happier Workplaces?

This blog post was guest-written by Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Brodie Gregory, . Cognitive dissonance occurs when our actions are inconsistent with our attitudes or beliefs. This morning I had a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance when I started writing this blog post sitting down. Needless to say, I quickly shifted to my standing desk to avoid cognitive […]

Did You Walk to School as a Kid?

When I was a kid, I loved walking to school. Maybe it was the relief of not having to take the school bus – jostling for the perfect seat, the bumpy ride, the windows that wouldn’t open. Maybe it was the feeling of freedom of being outside. Although it’s easy to hop in the car […]