Is Sitting At Your
Desk All Day
Driving You Nuts?

Time For a Standing Desk
by Rebel Desk

Why Standing Desks?
rebel desks
Burn 30,000 extra calories a year by working at a standing desk.
Using a standing desk can boost productivity by 10%.
Studies of standing desks show improved concentration and energy levels by the users.
Reduce pressure on your lower back by 90% at a standing desk.
30-Day Risk-Free Trial
No Hidden Restocking Fees
Why Rebel Desk?

Free Assembly

The only standing desk company that offers FREE assembly and packaging removal.

Incredibly Stable

Rebel Desk has engineered its standing desks to be incredibly stable at any height.

Best Price Per Inch

The Rebel Crank-Up offers the most desktop space at an affordable price.

Awesome Extras

The only standing desk company to include a charging station, USB ports, cable collars, and organizers trays for FREE.

Design Options

Outfit your standing desk in either a gorgeous blue-tinted glass desktop or an elegant teak-finish desktop.

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