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Adjustable Crank Desk by Rebel Desk

Sit to Stand at the Turn of a Crank!

Are you tired of sitting in your office chair and on the lookout for the perfect adjustable crank desk?

The new Rebel Up 2000 is an adjustable crank desk designed to allow you to sit or stand as you please during your work day.

Prolonged sitting can take years off of your life, increase your risk of developing heart disease or diabetes, and cause you to pack on the pounds. It’s no wonder that more people are looking for alternatives to being stuck in a chair all day!

Adjustable crank desks are a great option for getting your behind off that chair when you’re tired of sitting. A crank desk allows you to easily move the desk from sitting height to standing height effortlessly. The greatest part about being able to adjust it to any height, is that whether you’re 5’1 or 6’2, you can use the very same adjustable crank desk. Even kids can use it do to their homework standing up!

The easy to use crank pulls out from under the desk, and within seconds, you’re moving the desk from sitting to standing height whenever you please. The Rebel Up 2000 crank desk allows for the crank to be hidden when not in use, and has lots of other desk perks — like a free charging station and awesome cable control! The best part – our adjustable crank desks start at $499 with free shipping!

Stay Healthy With an Adjustable Crank Desk!

If you haven’t heard the saying “sitting is the new smoking,” you’ve been living under a rock! In studies involving over 4,500 people, nearly 9,000 people, and a whopping 240,000 people sitting has been independently associated with increased mortality and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease regardless of their physical activity levels. Prolonged sitting also is associated with metabolic disorders, higher incidence of cancer, and increased risk of obesity. Now look at the less obvious ways that sitting stinks. Sitting at your desk all day causes you to feel tired, less engaged, and less motivated. It’s not your job doing that to you, it’s your chair! Using an adjustable crank desk can change the odds for you! Life expectancy can increase by 2 years when sitting is limited to 3 hours a day. Your residual back pain will slowly disappear, You will even find yourself looking at the clock a lot less. You might be saying, seriously?! Just from using a crank desk? Absolutely, in fact, 97% of Rebel Desk users continue to use their desks every day even after 6 months of use. That’s a lot of people loving the adjustable crank desk lifestyle!

Great standing desk.

“For the price it is surprisingly sturdy and well built- plus it had a clean modern look which is a nice addition to my home office”

Great product, great service and a fantastic desk!

“I have had this desk for a few weeks now and love it. I’m fairly tall and the desk raises easily to the perfect height. Assembly was easy and I feel it’s extremely sturdy and it looks great.”

I love my Rebel Desk.

“I finally invested in it after having arm pain/tight back in order to help improve my daily posture. I got the clear table and love the ability to easily change from standing to sitting.” 

Stand Up While Working

Take time out of your day to count up how many hours you spend sitting. Include commute time, time you spend eating, and time you spend in front of the TV after work. You might be shocked to see how quickly those hours add up. You might even feel like since you exercise 3 days a week, you’re getting the health and fitness that your body needs. Every hour you sit negates 10 minutes of exercise. Your one hour workout quickly disappears if you’ve been sitting for 8 hours at work.

Giving your body the chance to stand up during the day will not only make your workouts count during the week, but will also make you feel a lot better. You might even produce better work at your adjustable crank desk. One recent study showed that creativity increases by using a standing desk. This does not surprise us! Rebel Desk users say they feel so much more productive at their crank desks than when they’re stuck in a chair!

Rebel Up 2000 Adjustable Height Desk

The Rebel Up 2000 adjustable crank desk was designed with everyone in mind. If you’re looking for an affordable, well built, well designed, and easy to use desk, this is the crank desk for you. Starting at $499 with free shipping, the crank desk comes in 5 different desk top color options that work in both modern and traditional office spaces.

Each wood finish top comes with a cable drop built into the desk, and all desks come with a charging station with 2 plugs and 2 USB ports. The desks also support 100 pounds of weight, so you can comfortably adjust your desk even with multiple monitors and books on the table top. All desks come with a 30 day money-back guarantee as well as a warranty. Feel confident about your adjustable crank desk purchase!

Stand Up,

Kick Your Chair To The Curb!

Rebel Desk has a mission to help more people stand up while they work. Experience the benefits of adjustable crank desks without sacrificing your style or your wallet! And if you want to take it up a notch, we also have under-desk treadmills that work beautifully with our crank desks as well!

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