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"What You Need to Know About Treadmill Desks and Productivity"

We believe so strongly in our mission, we put together a white paper that offers all of the information you could need to make an informed decision on a new workplace setup.

Here’s a preview:

Working Americans are facing a crisis of inactivity. The average person sits over 9 hours a day. For many people, the workday consists of plopping themselves down in a desk chair and not getting up for hours. With the rise of computers in the workplace, now approximately 75 % of jobs involve no physical activity. Businesses have recognized the threat 2 that inactivity poses to employees’ health and well-being and they are searching for solutions.

You’ll learn:

  1. Discover how productivity can be impacted by use of treadmill desks
  2. Understand how your body reacts to walking while working.
  3. Learn about the latest research on treadmill desks and productivity.
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