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Stand Up Desk Treadmill by Rebel Desk

Stand, Walk or Sit Whenever You Want Instantly!

Are you craving a different way to work?

What’s totally customizable, incredibly good looking, AND is good for your health? A stand up desk treadmill by Rebel Desk!

You’ve been reading the latest studies on the health and productivity benefits of stand up desk treadmills, and it’s been on your mind to finally update your office and get less use of your darn office chair. That chair has been making you tired, less productive, and even pained after a day of sitting. Enter Rebel Desk.

A stand up desk treadmill is exactly what you’re looking for. The perfect solution to all of your work problems, a stand up desk treadmill can finally replace that chair and change your workday. The Rebel Up 2000 is easy to assemble, and with a few turns of a crank, you can be standing at the perfect height in a matter of seconds.The Rebel Treadmill 1000 has no assembly required and is designed specifically for walking while working. Get acclimated with standing and then turn it up a notch and walk between the speeds of .5 and 2 MPH.

What are some of the benefits to a stand up desk treadmill?  For one, a new study has come out that shared a productivity increase of 48% of the participants who were able to stand at work. While standing at work feels great on your body and your mind taking it up a notch with a standing treadmill desk makes it all the better. With a quick learning curve, you’ll be easily walking and working without any typing errors or challenges. Believe it or not, using a stand up desk treadmill feels as natural as chewing gum and walking!

A Healthy Way To Impact Work

You’ll experience both long and short-term benefits from using a stand up desk treadmill. Don’t you feel like you get some of the best ideas standing in the shower? Those ideas aren’t coming to fruition because of the extra humidity, but actually because you are standing. It’s true that you feel more creative just using a stand up desk treadmill. Those great ideas don’t have to come about just during a 10 minute shower session! You might also see a pretty immediate weight loss potential. Burning extra calories while at a stand up desk treadmill is possible. Couple a stand up desk treadmill with a healthy diet and routine, and long term, you could be looking at a fitter, healthier you. Don’t forget about the improvements to your overall health after some time with a stand up desk treadmill! Those aches and pains you’re used to caring for will become less noticeable. Rebel Desk customers find that their back and neck pain cease to exist after using their standing desk treadmill. Some didn’t even realize how cruddy they’ve felt until they started seeing the positive impact of their standing desk treadmill has done to their body! Quality and Affordability For All You shouldn’t have to sell your prized possessions to be able to work better. Being able to afford a stand up desk treadmill was important to us, and we’ve kept costs down without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship of our products. We want all of our customers to love their stand up desk treadmills, and our products come with some pretty fantastic warranties! Check out our Rebel Desk reviews here!

A Modern & Stylish Standing Desk Treadmill

The Rebel Desk standing desk treadmill looks like it belongs in a showroom, not a gym! With a sleek and stylish look, loads of desk top color options, and a modern and manicured treadmill that works in any space, you’ll be proud to share your office space with others.

If you have a more traditional office look, our standing desk treadmill works fabulously with more subdued and neutral offices as well. Whatever your style of choice is, we’re ready to match and exceed your office

Great low-cost option.

“The Rebel Treadmill was easy to set-up and use right out of the box. It is so nice to not sit all day at work. Everyone comments how quiet the treadmill is, and I can easily log 6 or more miles a day.”

Do not hesitate! You will love it!

“This desk has literally changed my life. I have a fitbit and while I used to average between 1500 and 3000 steps on a workday, I now am getting in over 15,000 at work alone.”

“Absolutely love this treadmill

… for a walking desk. I purchased my first one almost 2 years ago and just purchased my 5th one today for my team.” – Brian Bomar

"Rebel Desk changed my life.

It has turned the normal 2pm drowsy time (I used to use coffee as a crutch to get me through) into an opportunity to get re-energized and healthier.” – Brittany 

Stand Up, Walk On!

Rebel Desk has a mission to help more people stand up and walk on while they work. Experience the benefits of a stand up desk treadmill without the commitment.

All Rebel Desk products have a 30-day money back guarantee that lets you try out our stand up desk treadmill, no questions asked.

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