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If you’re looking for the perfect walking desk treadmill for your home or office the Rebel Treadmill 1000 and Rebel Up 2000 might be the perfect option for you. Our mini, portable walking treadmill desk can be moved from location to location to ensure you’re always able to walk and work.

Our walking desk isn’t one bulky connected piece of furniture, but rather two beautiful separate pieces that work well and blend in with your existing furniture. Customize your walking desk with 5 beautiful desk top finishes and 1 gorgeous treadmill to get the perfect solution for your office.

Between the commute time getting to and from work, to the 8 or more hours you spend in your chair at the office is literally killing you. Count up the hours you’ve spent sitting today. How many of those hours could have been replaced if you had a walking desk?


Prolonged sitting can take years off of your life, increase your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Living a sedentary lifestyle has become normal as our work hours have grown through the years. It’s time to take back our health while still being productive at work with a walking desk.


Feel like your weight has steadily increased with your sedentary lifestyle? Even if you exercise multiple times a week, those hours you’ve spent at the gym are voided out for every hour you spend sitting. If you feel like you haven’t made progress in your diet and gym efforts, you can blame your chair for your lack of gains. Staying active with a walking desk can do the trick and save you from wasting hours on an elliptical without any progress.


Adding a walking desk treadmill takes working to the next level without doing too much. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is designed specifically for walking while working, with a speed range of 0.5 mph to 2 mph. With a plug and go installation, you can be on your feet and working in minutes! We promise you’ll love it so much, we have a 30 day guarantee to prove it!

Our Walking Desk Features

The compact control console sits on your desktop to make it easy to change the speed and keep track of your stats. The controls are right at your finger tips so you can easily stop and start the Rebel Treadmill 1000 in seconds. For those with Human Resources asking about the safety of this walking desk, besides the speed levels kept low just for walking, the console is outfitted with a safety stop release.

If you have other questions about our walking desk, check out our FAQ page! Still not convinced on how a walking desk can fit your office space? The beauty of being able to have a portable walking desk is awesome. One person can easily slide the treadmill out of the way when they need to. It’s light design allows you to be flexible with the space you have in your office.

Our Rebel Up 2000 is a perfect option for those looking to have a walking desk in their life. The convenience of being able to quickly crank the desk up and down from sitting to standing position makes for a flexible workspace. Other great features of the desk are the charging stations with dual USB and outlets, the excellent wire organization, and cable drop in the wood finish desks. Our glass top desk is not just modern, but it’s also beautiful and unique if you love having a stylish designer office space. Being able to completely reinvent your work space with Rebel Desk at an affordable price is important, and what we strived for when designing the perfect walking desk!

Stand Up, Walk On!

Rebel Desk has a mission to help more people stand up and walk on while they work. Experience the benefits of standing and treadmill desks without sacrificing your style or your wallet!

The Rebel Desk 30-day moneyback guarantee lets you try out the Rebel Treadmill 1000 and see how a walking desk treadmill can improve the way you work.

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