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Rebel Desk designs and sells treadmill desks and adjustable-height desks to help people be more active while working.

Rebel Desk was founded by Kathleen and Jeff Hale after they experienced the incredible health and productivity benefits of walking and standing at work. Kathleen and Jeff set out to create a company committed to improving people’s lives with sleek and affordable treadmill and standing desk solutions.

Rebel Desk now is a leader in the active-working products space. Our treadmill desks and adjustable-height desks have helped people all across the country be healthier, have more energy, and improve their work performance.

Led by Kathleen, who speaks and writes about how to live a “chair free” life, the Rebel Desk team is changing the way that people think about sitting. We continue to work each day to deliver innovative alternatives to traditional desks. Jeff and Kathleen have also launched a kids’ large floor pillow company, Floor Bloom, to foster healthier floor sitting habits.

We believe that it takes just one rebel in an office to push her chair aside and take a stand against the sitting culture. Rebel Desk wants to make it easier for anyone to be that rebel!

Kathleen Hale and Jeff Hale  - founders of Rebel Desk

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