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General Questions

What's the problem with sitting?

Leading medical experts now agree that prolonged sitting causes as many ill health effects as smoking. Sitting – especially in chairs – essentially lets your body shut down. Your blood flows more sluggishly. Your muscles are not engaged. Your body stops processing fats and sugars effectively. Your body’s response to sitting for hours on end often is to gain weight, experience back pain, feel fatigued, and see muscle loss. Over time, the negative effects of sitting can increase your risk of developing chronic disease, cancer, or other long-term health problems. You weren’t meant to sit in chairs all day and your health and productivity pay the price when you do.

Yikes. Can I avoid all these negative effects from sitting?

Yes! The good news is that all you need to do is sit less. The bad news is that right now your office probably revolves around sitting in chairs. Enter Rebel Desk! With a standing desk or treadmill desk by Rebel Desk you can make it easier to avoid hours stuck in a chair.

We would all love to be able to take a break every half hour and go for a walk or to hold walking meetings instead of being stuck in a conference room. But the reality of work is that you often cannot leave your desk and you don’t get to pick the meeting location (at least not all of the time). So give yourself options besides the office chair for those times you are at your desk. Walk, stand, or sit throughout the day and you can stave off the negative health effects of sitting.

Wait. Do I need to stand or walk all day?

Do not fear. You can sit again. Just like you don’t want to sit all day, you shouldn’t stand or walk all day either. You want to mix it up and make it as easy as possible to do so.

You have heard the phrase, “Sit down. Take a load off.” This is how we can think of sitting – as something you do to take a break from standing and walking. Make sitting the exception to how you spend your day, rather than the rule.

Is "active working" really a thing?

You bet. The evidence on the negative effects of sitting continues to pile up, and more people are realizing that their back pain, weight gain, and post-lunch slump are linked to their chairs. People are looking for alternatives to the sitting desks of yesterday. Standing desks and treadmill desks let folks incorporate movement into their workday.

Just like we cannot imagine an airplane where people smoke, in 15 years we won’t be able to image an office where your only option is to sit all day.

What's with the name Rebel Desk?

The way we see it, we’re in a fight against the chair culture. In every office it just takes one person to lead the charge against chairs. It just takes one rebel to stand up in a sea of cubicles. Or roll in a treadmill desk. Or walk and talk during conference calls. Once one person takes a stand against chairs, others see the positive changes and start thinking about making the shift themselves.

Are you ready to help change the chair culture? Join us!

The Rebel Treadmill 1000

What is a walking treadmill or under-desk treadmill?

A walking treadmill or under-desk treadmill is a treadmill designed specifically for walking while at a standing-height desk. A walking treadmill has no arms or large control panel attached to the base. It is solely a base that slides underneath a desk. The control console sits on the desk. For pictures of the Rebel Treadmill 1000 Walking Treadmill click here.

Is the Rebel Treadmill 1000 connected to the desk?

No. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 does not connect to the Rebel Crank-Up Desk or to any other desk. Because the products are not connected, you can place the treadmill in the position that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 also can be used with most any standing-height desk. By offering our products separately, Rebel Desk gives you the flexibility to set up the office space that best suits your needs.

How fast can I walk at a treadmill desk?

The speed will vary by user. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 has a maximum speed of 2 mph. This speed allows you to walk while typing, focusing on a screen, and talking. It also lets you walk without working up a sweat, making the treadmill suitable for an office environment.

Many folks think that they will walk at least 2 mph at a treadmill desk. They often are surprised to find that they prefer to walk slower than 2 mph. In our experience, most users walk between 1.0 – 1.5 mph. Read more about why slow and steady wins the race for treadmill desks here.

Can I run on the Rebel Treadmill 1000?

No. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 has a maximum speed of 2 mph. It is a walking treadmill. No sweating. No need to change clothes. Just walk at a leisurely pace while getting work done.

Can I type while walking at a treadmill desk?

Absolutely. Everyday thousands of people type successfully while using a treadmill desk. We recommend starting your walking speed at about 0.8 mph in case you need to adjust to walking and typing. Don’t take our word for it though. Click here to see what folks testing out our treadmill desk had to “say” while typing away.

Is the Rebel Treadmill 1000 rated for daily usage?

Rebel Desk warranties are not tied to daily usage.Rebel Desk does not rate the Rebel Treadmill 1000 for daily usage because that number would vary depending on the weight of the user and the speed at which the user walks.

Does the Rebel Treadmill 1000 fold?

No. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is a treadmill base only. There are no arms or bars attached to it so there is nothing to fold.

Does the Rebel Treadmill 1000 have an incline?

No. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 has no incline.

What is the maximum user weight for the Rebel Treadmill 1000?

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is rated for a user weight of 250 lbs.

Can the Rebel Treadmill 1000 be moved around?

You can move the treadmill using the two front roller wheels. The treadmill weighs about 88 lbs. Use caution when moving it and ask someone to help if needed. You can see a video of the treadmill being moved here.

Can I use the Rebel Treadmill 1000 with the standing desk I already have?

Sure. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 works great with most any standing or adjustable-height desk.

What kind of shoes should I wear when walking at a treadmill desk?

You should wear shoes that are comfortable for walking and that have no heel or a very small heel. You do not have to switch to running shoes to walk on the Rebel Treadmill 1000.

There are lots of great looking shoes that are designed to be comfortable and easy for walking. If you wear the right kind of shoes to work, you should not even have to change them if you want to start your treadmill.

Will I get sweaty while walking at a treadmill desk?

No, you should not get sweaty while walking on the Rebel Treadmill 1000. You will be walking quite slowly. The purpose of a treadmill desk is not to get in a good cardio workout but to keep your body active throughout the day.

What type of assembly is required for the Rebel Treadmill 1000

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 requires little assembly. You just need to remove the treadmill from the box, plug in the master power cord, attach the control console and go. To see a video showing setup of the treadmill, click here.

The Rebel Up 2000 Adjustable-Height Desk

What is an Adjustable-Height Desk?

An adjustable-height desk is a desk that can be moved to different heights, usually from sitting to standing. Adjustable-height desks give users the freedom to work at the height that they want. They also allow for desks to be used by different people while making sure each person is working at a comfortable and safe height.

What is the height range of the Rebel Up 2000?

The Rebel Up 2000 desk works for people who are 4’0″ to 6’4″ tall. The desk adjusts from 28″ to 48″ high.

How is the Rebel Up 2000 desk adjusted?

The Rebel Up 2000 is adjusted by the simple turn of a hand crank. The crank is on the right side of the desk.

How quickly and easily can the Rebel Up 2000 be adjusted?

The desk moves up or down half an inch with each turn of the handle . It takes approximately 15 seconds to move the desk from sitting to standing height.

Turning the handle is a simple motion that requires little effort.

Can the handle on the Rebel Up 2000 fold out of the way?

Yes. You can fold the portion of the crank that you grip to turn so that it points underneath the desk rather than away from the desk.

What kind of assembly is required for the Rebel Up 2000?

This adjustable desk is easy to assemble. We recommend using two people and you’ll have it done in no time.

Can I use a regular office chair with the Rebel Up 2000?

Yes. The desk adjusts between 28″ and 48″ in height. So you can adjust it to a height that works for your regular office chair.

If you want to use a chair and the Rebel Treadmill 1000 at the same desk, then we recommend purchasing our Rebel Chair 1000, which fits at the desk next to the treadmill.

Can I use a monitor arm with the Rebel Up 2000?

For the teak desk, you can use most monitor arms. For the glass desks, we recommend placing a spacer underneath the monitor arm before attaching one to the desk.

Is a keyboard tray included with the Rebel Up 2000?

No, but a keyboard tray is available for $99. We recommend it to maximize your workspace and reduce clutter.

Is the charging station included with the Rebel Up 2000?

Yes. Rebel Desk includes a charging station that has USB ports and electrical receptacles (UL certified).

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