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Rebel Desk Reviews Are In

and the Rebel Treadmill 1000 is a customer favorite

“As a product, Rebel Desk has been flawless.” – Ambilu

The Rebel Desk reviews are in, and our customers agree: Rebel Desk rocks! The Rebel Treadmill 1000 earns 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers love the flexibility of our setups, the easy of use, and the great value.

The Rebel Desk treadmill desk lets you be more active while you work. The Rebel Desk was designed so you can create an active-working solution that fits your needs. You can purchase a complete treadmill desk setup, just an adjustable-height desk, or just the under desk treadmill.

Whatever setup you choose, shipping is free and assembly is easy. The Rebel Desk also is designed to be compact and sleek so it will blend right into your office. The Rebel Treadmill has an ultra quiet motor so you don’t need to worry about disturbing co-workers while you’re strolling along.

“I am able to walk 6+ miles a day at a nice pace.” – Patricia

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is the walking desk solution you’ve been waiting for. From lawyers, professors, and call center operators to writers, consultants and programmers – the Rebel Desk reviews show how much people love this product.

Check out this Rebel Desk review from our friends at RunHaven. As they summed it up: “This isn’t your typical treadmill . . . it allows you to continue working seamlessly while gaining numerous health benefits.”

In the Forbes holiday gift guide, the Rebel Desk review called our desks “bargains” given the sleek design, large work surface and great price. Read more here.

For many customers, pain is “a tremendous motivator” and typically it is back pain. Sitting less can make a huge difference as this Rebel Desk fan explains in her review on Huffington Post.

As reviewers around the country have found out, using a treadmill desk from Rebel Desk is easy, fun, and a healthy addition to any office.

“I’m obsessed with my Rebel Treadmill!” – Brittany

What does Brittany love so much about her treadmill desk?

The same things that out thousands of customers do – style, convenience and freedom from your chair! Brittany goes on to tell us:

I was not sure where to start when I decided that I wanted an alternative to sitting all day long. I did the research and found that the Rebel Treadmill is less expensive, has a sleeker design, more portable, and is quieter than other treadmill desks. Not to mention, the treadmill desk has a ton of health benefits!

Now that I have a Rebel Treadmill, I walk more during the day and I feel more energized at the end of the workday. I use it during conference calls and for normal work on the computer.

It has turned the normal 2pm drowsy time (I used to use coffee as a crutch to get me through) into an opportunity to get re-energized and healthier.

My coworkers use it and have started ordering the Rebel Treadmill for their offices and shared space.

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 helps you get active, get moving, and get productive!


Great low-cost option.

“The Rebel Treadmill was easy to set-up and use right out of the box. It is so nice to not sit all day at work. Everyone comments how quiet the treadmill is, and I can easily log 6 or more miles a day.”

Do not hesitate! You will love it!

“This desk has literally changed my life. I have a fitbit and while I used to average between 1500 and 3000 steps on a workday, I now am getting in over 15,000 at work alone.”

“Absolutely love this treadmill

… for a walking desk. I purchased my first one almost 2 years ago and just purchased my 5th one today for my team.” – Brian Bomar

"Rebel Desk changed my life.

It has turned the normal 2pm drowsy time (I used to use coffee as a crutch to get me through) into an opportunity to get re-energized and healthier.” – Brittany 

Walk While You Work

Today, more than ever, it can be difficult to find time to stay fit and active. We are supposed to walk 10,000 steps per day, but most of us barely get close to that amount. Then the research shows that even if you make time for a trip to the gym, it might not be enough if you also sit all day! What’s a busy person to do?

Rebel Desk has your solution. Get your steps in with Rebel Desk’s under desk treadmill. Increase your calorie burn rate throughout the day, boost your metabolism, and keep those extra pounds away!

With a treadmill desk,the benefits keep adding up!

“Best investment in my health I ever made.” – Cassandra

The medical research is clear that sitting all day can have serious negative effects on your health. Even if you exercise, you may not be able to escape the back pain, weight gain, and long-term health effects of sitting. With a Rebel Desk, however, you can make a positive change in your life.

Rebel Desk makes it easy to get walking and working. Our treadmills ship for free. They arrive fully assembled. Just plug and go. We also offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee – no questions asked, no hidden fees. We want you to experience the benefits of walking and working and we want to make that as easy as possible.


The Rebel Desk Reviews Say It All – Get Walking And You’ll Never Look Back!

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