Incorporate an Athletic Lifestyle into Your Office

Are you a marathon runner? Avid gym go-er? Spin class addict? We know how you feel! You love the natural energy and mood boost that you get from exercise. It’s worth rising before daylight, running a few miles, or hitting the bike before heading into the office. Your dedication to staying active is a key part of your life . . […]

Curb Cravings at Your Treadmill Desk

It’s easy to blame your 8+ hours in your office chair on gaining a few extra pounds. Being sedentary for so many hours a day can make you tired and restless. Relying on coffee and sugar feels like a necessary evil to getting through the work week. And it’s true – one study conducted by the […]

Top Ways Businesses Are Incorporating Treadmill Desks

Treadmill desks have been cited as one of the top job perks that employees seek. Being stuck in a chair all day is just not appealing to most people anymore. Businesses are listening and adding a walking workstation option to offices across the country. When businesses approach us about joining the active-working movement, they often wonder […]

Study Shows Walking Can Help Reduce Your Waistline

We have known this for decades that exercise is vital to health and well-being. The questions that many of us want answered, however, is how much do we need to exercise and what kind of exercise do we need to do? Do you have to run a marathon or spend 60 minutes on rowing machine […]

Ways Not to Use Your Adjustable-Height Desk

Adjustable-height desks, like the Rebel Crank-Up 1000, help people escape the negative effects that come from sitting all day. Many users report reduced back pain, improved muscle tone, and boosted productivity. As with any product though, there are ways that you should not use your adjustable-height desk. First, don’t stand still all day. Just as […]

Cold Temperatures Keeping You Inside?

Unless you’re living in Florida, you probably have not been outside much lately. Endless snow storms and frigid temperatures are closing schools and offices to keep roads safe. While these icy messes are being taken care of outside, most of you are inside with the heat cranked up trying to stay occupied with work or kids. Looking […]

How Staying Active Can Minimize Your Chances of Getting Sick

We all know how it feels to walk into the office and spot an obviously sick co-worker. Your first thought is, “I’m so glad I just bought more hand sanitizer,” and your second one is, “Stay far away!” While catching a cold or the flu can seem inevitable during the winter months, research shows that you can do […]

8 Tips to Perfect Your Posture from Fitness Expert Lisa Reed

Rebel Desk is thrilled to have renowned fitness expert (and standing desk user!) Lisa Reed offer her simple steps to great posture. As you head into another day at the office, you find yourself grimacing at the thought of sitting for the next 8 plus hours. Your back is in knots and your body is feeling […]

How Dangerous is Inactivity?

We know that many benefits come from being active. Going out for a bike ride or a run feels good, tones muscles, and boosts energy. When we sit on the couch instead of taking that bike ride, we know we’re not getting the benefits of activity, but we don’t necessarily think that we’re doing our […]

When It Comes to New Year’s Resolutions, Keep it Simple

We are six days into the New Year and here is what we’ve been reminded of: it can be hard to keep those resolutions! We have the best intentions when we make that long list of resolutions, but life can get in the way of sticking to them. One of the best ways to make […]