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The new Rebel Treadmill 1000 is an under desk treadmill designed to be used with your existing standing-height desk or in conjunction with the Rebel Up Desk. Our mini, portable treadmill can be moved from location to location to ensure you’re always able to walk and work!

Recent studies have shown that prolonged sitting can take years off of your life, increase your risk of developing certain diseases, and cause you to pack on the pounds. It’s no wonder that more folks are looking for alternatives to being stuck in a chair all day!


treadmill desk reviews
treadmill desk reviews

Standing desks are a great option, and adding an under desk treadmill takes the standing desk solution to the next level. You can’t just put your standing desk over any old running treadmill though. A walking treadmill is the answer for you. Of course, you want to make sure you read plenty of treadmill desk reviews before making a selection on the right one for you. The Rebel Treadmill is designed specifically for walking while working, with a speed range of 0.5 mph to 2 mph. No assembly is required. Just plug in, set the control console on your desk, and start walking! Our mini treadmill for desk use is portable and easy to move based on your needs.

Rebel Desk was founded by Kathleen and Jeff Hale after they experienced the incredible health and productivity benefits of walking and standing at work. Kathleen and Jeff set out to create a company committed to improving people’s lives with sleek and affordable treadmill and standing desk solutions.

Now, we look forward to getting five-star treadmill desk reviews from our satisfied customers! Providing these treadmill desk reviews to you helps you find the best treadmill desk for your needs.

Tory Johnson - Host, Good Morning America

“This has been the best daily investment in my health and happiness. ”

“Absolutely love this treadmill

… for a walking desk. I purchased my first one almost 2 years ago and just purchased my 5th one today for my team.” – Brian Bomar

"Rebel Desk changed my life.

It has turned the normal 2pm drowsy time (I used to use coffee as a crutch to get me through) into an opportunity to get re-energized and healthier.” – Brittany 

“Tremendous decrease in back pain

… greater stamina and energy level … stairs are suddenly a breeze and my overall body tone is improving.” – Mercedes

The Complete Solution

Leading health professionals agree that movement and variety are keys to keeping healthy on the job. Walk. Stand. Sit a little. So how many desks do you need? With Rebel Desk you have the flexibility to do it all at one desk. Walk on our uber quiet under desk treadmill base. Pair it with your standing desk or add the Rebel Up 2000. Take a break in our uber-stylish chair that fits right next to the under desk treadmill.

Rebel Desk gives you flexibility to pick the best way to work at any moment. All while having the smallest footprint of any sit-stand-walk desk solution.

Check out our product, read our treadmill desk reviews, and design your own complete solution today!

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