Is Sitting At Your
Desk All Day
Driving You Nuts?

Time For a Standing Desk
by Rebel Desk

Why Standing Desks?
rebel desks
Burn 30,000 extra calories a year by working at a standing desk.
Using a standing desk can boost productivity by 10%.
Studies of standing desks show improved concentration and energy levels by the users.
Reduce pressure on your lower back by 90% at a standing desk.
30-Day Risk-Free Trial
No Hidden Restocking Fees
Why Rebel Desk?

Incredibly Stable

Rebel Desk has engineered its standing desks to be incredibly stable at any height.

Best Price Per Inch

The Rebel Crank-Up offers the most desktop space at an affordable price.

Awesome Extras

The only standing desk company to include a charging station, USB ports, cable collars, and organizers trays for FREE.

Design Options

Outfit your standing desk in a gorgeous blue-tinted glass desktop, an elegant teak-finish desktop, or a modern white or black desktop.
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As technology has risen, so has the time we spend sitting. Today nearly 75% of jobs in America do not require physical activity. We sit down in our chairs and look up nine hours later. A standing desk lets you break free of the sitting culture. Your body was meant to be upright and with a standing desk you can work this way when its comfortable for you. The Rebel Crank-Up 1000 adjusts in height. When you need a break, just turn the crank and your standing desk becomes a sitting desk. You can feel better, work more productively, and reduce the risks associated with prolonged sitting - all with a standing desk by Rebel Desk.

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Taking a Seat During Your Day With a Treadmill Desk

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Relieve Back Pain

Walking helps to reduce back pain. Finding relief from back pain is important for health and happiness. Start walking with a treadmill desk!

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Be Happier

Your physical well being has a major impact on your state of mind. Sitting for long periods has been shown to contribute to negative moods. Exercise and move!

Live a Long Life

When sitting is reduced to 3 hours per day, life expectancy increases. Treadmill desks help to reach a 3-hour a day goal. Make the choice to stand up and not die sitting!

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Learn More About Treadmill and Standing Desks

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    Join the Movement

    The rebellion against the sitting culture has begun! Be part of the active-working movement with one of Rebel Desk’s beautiful, affordable standing desks. People are switching to standing desks and never looking back.
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    Sitting Blues

    When we sit, we often have poor posture, hunching over laptops or tablets. We crane our necks. We put pressure on our lower backs. We sit on bulky wallets and throw off our spines. All of these things add to the risk of back pain. It’s estimated that you’re likely to have approximately one episode of severe back pain every 15 years! You can fight these odds with a standing desk that keeps you out of your chair!
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    Make it Easy

    If you start standing, you want to do it the right way. Some standing desks do not allow you to adjust the height easily – or at all. These types of standing desks can result in muscle aches, soreness, and injury associated with working at a desk that is not the correct height for you. The Rebel Desk adjustable height desk can be set in intervals from 28? high to 48? high so you can work in a comfortable and safe position. The simple change from a regular desk to a the Rebel Desk standing desk can be the catalyst to a healthier, more productive and energized you!
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    Have It All

    Sit stand desks are one of the most sought-after job perks. More folks are looking for an alternative to sitting all day, and the solutions should not be relegated to the corner office. Rebel Desk’s affordable sit stand desks bring the solution to everyone. There also is no need to sacrifice your sense of aesthetics just to enjoy the benefits of active working. Rebel Desk has designed the ultimate sit stand workstation that you will want to make a centerpiece of your workspace.
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